Sunday, July 22, 2007

Tonight I'll Walk You Home

Tonight I'll Walk You Home

A blatant sequel to "I Wanna See You Tonight", delivered with a bit more panache and verve. I forget what my writing contributions to this one were, so I'll freely give most of the credit to John...he came through on this one, no doubt. For a change I'm actually satsified (mostly) with my vocal performance here, and I have a tendency to overanalyze. Just a nice, sweet, song.

Al: Vox
John: Guitars
Dave: Drums, Bass, Guitar


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I dug thru my bloated binder of music sheets and scrawled lyrics from our composing and recording sessions, this one was recorded on 4/10/99. I brought out some lyrics and the acoustic gtr riffs, then Al and I completely re-wrote the lyrics. Al's vocals, and Dave's contributions really brought this one to life. And yes, I was going for a sequel to the ever popular I Wanna See You Tonight
-- Johnny Leed

8:11 PM  
Blogger Allan said...

This one's a keeper! I played "I Wanna..." at my wedding, and would be proud to showcase this one at a major event as well (though let's hope a second marraige isn't in my near future...)

6:28 PM  

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