Monday, July 09, 2007

Never Want To Live On Venus

Never Want To Live On Venus (Demo)
Never Want To Live On Venus (1992 Version)
Never Want To Live On Venus (2000 Version)
Never Want To Live On Venus (New 2007 Version)

Never Want To Live On Venus (Demo Original Mix)
Never Want To Live On Venus (Unreleased Pop Machine Demo)

Here it is, the original Al "Science as Relationship Metaphor" song. First conceived when I was working at a video post-production house; we were dubbing JPL space footage and the idea just clicked. Here's a rundown of the various versions:

Original Demo: Just some stolen backbeats, layered woozy keyboards and a 4-track, and an idea is hatched. There's a garage funk swagger to this that many (including myself0 have found preferable to later versions.

1992 Version: The Pop Machine boys tried cracking this open at Dr. Dave's studio. Not bad, but not the direction I ultimately saw it taking. I like that Mike goes as looooooow as he can during the solo.

2000 Version: Revisited in my then-new computer-based digital studio, I tried to pull the song closer to what I heard in my head (besides all that static, I mean). Some nice keyboard bits, but I never really finished the vocals or guitar solo. I know, I know, I'm kvetching...

New 2007 Version: At which we finally arrive at our destination, a kind of cosmic Spectorian melancholia. (Spectorian? Seriously, there are a carload of keyboards on this thing.) This is modeled on the 2000 version, but taken to it's natural conclusion. Enjoy; I doubt I'll be out in this solar system again...

(And to round things off, we have two "bonus" tracks: the original 2-track mix of the demo and an instrumental demo with extra Scott Hewitt guitar I discovered in my travels. I'm generous as always...)

All versions are Al: Vox & music, except for:

version 2:
Al: Vox & keys
Sook: Bass
Scott: Guitar
Mike: Keys
Dave: Drums, Lead Guitar

version 6:
Al: Vox & keys
Scott: Guitars


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Dad,
I am able to write to you in my sleep. Isn't that amazing? I just want you to know that I like to do music with you and that I hope we can have a rockin good time while mom is at chalice. Also did you know that I said that Tom DeBates is a war guy who loves war and revenge? Well, I did. Hope all is well.
Your loving son, Chris
P.S. Mom always loved never Want to Live on Venus and once used it in her classroom.

4:45 PM  
Blogger Allan said...

If I can reach one child and teach him/her something with my patented brand of nerd-rock, then my work here is complete.

8:02 PM  

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