Monday, July 16, 2007

G.O.P. (Grand Old Punk)

G.O.P. (Grand Old Punk)

As we round the corner into the final 20 posts for the year, we're back to the "one-a-day" format to bring us in. And, wonder of wonders, I've roughly mapped out the last 20 and actually have MORE files than I expected! This will help, as I've decided to continue the site going into year 2. There will, however, be a format change (to be announced) as we get closer to the end of this go 'round. More new music to come, however...

Anyway, here's a later-vintage (around '99-2000?) Osmium-era track about us aging out of the mosh-pit demographic. This subject comes up a few times, so we must have been feeling that midlife crisis early (we were always ahead of the curve). Hopefully handled with a modicum of satire/wit...paging Dr. Demento...

Al: Vox
John: Guitar
Dave: Drums, Bass, Guitar


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well Doctor Demento actually played this one -- I sent him an Osmium CD to thank him for agreeing to allow the use of his voice on "President's Song". He liked the CD enough to play GOP! Gotta love it.

I'm may still pursue the "had to shave my hair, it was turning gray..."

-- Johnny Leed

5:11 PM  
Blogger Allan said...

Damn, I forgot the good Doctor played this! There's a man with good taste, I tell ya...

8:00 PM  

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