Sunday, July 15, 2007


Electric Rain (SQ Mix)
Gaaaah! (SQ Mix)
Never Want To Live On Venus (New Pop Machine Demo - SQ Mix)
Air (SQ Mix)
Push The Button In the Middle (SQ Mix)
Words of Wisdom (SQ Mix)
Signals Y (SQ Mix)

Here's some more surround sound to run at ya...again, these are all compatible with your standard stereo, but will yield some pretty cool surround when played back using good 'ol Dolby Prologic, a standard on your home video receivers since the mid-90's. (It can also be played back using 70's SQ quad technology, which is the way it was encoded, actually. I won't get into a whole history here, suffice it to say there's compatibility here.)

Most radical departure here is on the demo version of "Never Want To Live On Venus" included here. Thanks to the wonders of digital editing, Scott Hewitt's guitar has been flown into the vocal version and the whole shebang has been given a shiny new quad mix. Pop Machine lives!

In any event, join the polishing that's happened to all the tracks. New effects heaped on, new car smell added, fun fun fun.

Al: All stuff, except:

Scott: guitar on 3


Blogger Stephen said...

Cool SQ recordings in MP3 format - I to have just purchased an SQ encoder (SQE-2000) but there is no covering documentation, can you suggest how to use or email me PDF of operating manual?

Thanks Stephen in New Zealand

3:12 PM  

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