Friday, June 29, 2007


Here are a few to tide you over the weekend of the 4th while we go on vacation (again). We never stop moving around here!

Gravity (Extra Harmony Mix)

I'm trying to not to be more obscure than necessary with my lyrics, but in case it comes up in conversation, here's what this one is about: no matter what I think what might be happening around me, it always seems that I'm off by at least a little bit, sometimes quite MORE than a little bit. (You know the drill: you think someone is checking you out in a good way, but really they're just mesmerized by your hideously garish shirt, etc.) Reality seems to have a gravity that will inevitably send most of us humbly falling to Earth...and I seem to be feeling its pull more than usual lately. So using the patented Al science-terms-as-metaphor device, I present the following. Hum along if you like; it's free!

Al: Feeling the pull

Electricity Never Ends

No full set of lyrics, but I dig the way this cooks along. Cousin to "Do the Funky Dial Tone".

Al: Electric

Cold Duck

And now the Pop Machine guys weigh in with their version of electronic music pioneer Gershon Kingsley's "Cold Duck"...the original was also used as the theme song to our college comedy TV show "Null and Void". Wacky!

Al, Sook & Scott: Voices and musics


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