Wednesday, July 11, 2007

In Which Our Heroes Return With Further Missives

Lizard On A Rock
Gilligan's Rap
Varnish Theme (Full Version)
We Win (Full Version)

More Pop Machine demos/castoffs/mind goop. Some of this stuff I'd actually listen to again and will make it on an actual "Oddest of Pop Machine" compilation I've been threatening to put together for years. (Scott, Mike and Sook are their usual patient selves and smile paternally at me when I continue to bring it up; they then merely inject more meds into my IV drip and everything is fine.) Minutes of brain seizin' fun.

Lizard On A Rock: (Forked) tongue firmly in cheek here as I examine interpersonal relationships in a very cold-blooded way. My fave of this batch; watch out for the missing section (engineer error, I'm afraid).

Jumping: A jam session which, through copious overdubbing, turned into an actual song. In my mind I can still smell the tape oxide shedding after the multiple 4-track bounces...Steve and Sook on dual basses, a bass juggernaut, if you will. Not quite swamped by my multiple Gary Numan keys...

Gilligan's Rap: As if done by the Beastie Boys. High concept, as in "were you guys high or something?" Another one-take wonder; Mike provides keys, bless him.

Varnish Theme: OK, we had this joke that our college comedy troupe would produce a splinter group consisting of solely of whistle and distorted electric guitar, wherein the action would periodically stop when it was time make funny faces. You had to be there. And know the people involved. And care.

Oh, yeah, this is the remixed unedited version. You're welcome.

We Win: Well, we thought so at the time. Now, in my case, I'm not so sure. Still, we soldier on, looking back with melancholy-tinged amusement at youthful exuberances. But soft! The sun breaks over yonder horizon and 'tis time for my morning pratfall. Oop, Gilligan, don't drop those coconuts!

Al: Vox, Keys, Drums
Sook: Vox, Bass, Drums
Scott: Vox, Guitars, Drums

+ Mike: keys on 3
Steve: extra bass on 2


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would love to find a lizard on a rock so that I could eat it. They sound tasty, anyway. Too bad you never let me out of the house to enjoy the many delicacies the world has to offer. Sincerely, Lavender

4:42 PM  
Blogger Allan said...

Before you all jump to conclusions, this is the family cat writing. At least, I think it is...

8:00 PM  

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