Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Opening Up the Pop Machine

Introducing The Band
Jack In The Saddle
Psurgery of Pst. Jude (1992 Version)
Living In the Ozone (1992 Version)
Pop Machine Rap
I Love Your Everything
All Together Now

Here we take a look at the "classic early" period of Pop Machine, circa 1991-1993, in the form of various 4-track demos/rehearsals/goofs, many of which made it out on our cassette releases of the time. For regular followers of this site, your first question would undoubtedly be "why?". The reasoning is twofold: one, it's an enlightening look at how we became the musicians we did, and b) I gotta catch up and was going to drop these anyway, so why not make a "theme" of it? And 3), some of it is fun/"funny". So here's the rub:

Introducing the Band: Sook's brainchild here, a flagrant tribute to the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band. (You may remember them, if you're not anal record collectors like us, as being in the Beatles' "Magical Mystery Tour" movie.) We show off our mad pennywhistle and percussion skillz here.

Jack in the Saddle: Johnny Cash meets the "Jack in the Box" restaurant chain meets Al's varispeed pitch controller. Scott provides perfect twangy accompaniment, modeled on JITB commercials of the time; it really provides the song's raison d'etre (a French breakfast cereal). Are ya hungry now?

Psurgery of Pst. Jude/Living in the Ozone (1992): As my songwriting has not yet reached its current state of fecundity, the occasional remake would crop up from time to time. More straightforward than the original.

Pop Machine Rap: Word to your mother.

Innit/Interspersed: Early computer-edited interstitials from the "Pop Machine Gets the Shaft" tape. Or "The Heat of Art". Or something; these things all run together for me...I always did like these.

I Love Your Everything: You'll notice the funky beats underlying many of the songs here; many stolen from a CD Sook had in his collection and later sold. I always wanted to find again...

All Together Now: The obligatory Beatles cover, rendered as goopy goth. Collect 'em all!

Al: Vox, Keys, Drums
Sook: Vox, Bass, Drums
Scott: Vox, Guitars, Drums


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