Saturday, June 02, 2007

Dgtl Mnpltn

Reverso the Happy Clown
ORFMOS Transmission
You Haunt Me (Acoustic Version)

Digital manipulation at its finest. 10 points for anyone who pegs the source material for RTHC...all are remixes and there's some unheard stuff in there. "You Haunt Me" really flows along in acoustic form, checkitout...


Blogger Scott said...

Since we're heading into the home stretch now, I though I'd give you my two cents on what should go on the 365 CD, whatever form it might take. I could go by process of elimination, our usual method, but this time I'll just list the ones I feel just HAVE to go on any potential compilation.

I went back through the whole 9 1/2 months and actually downloaded all the Al "solo" material. Previously, I had just listened to each day's postings on line without downloading. Wow! There's 70 songs, and I'm still only up to April.

Anyway, here's my fave raves so far, they've really got a good beat and you can dance to them:

Center Yourself (has to be track #1)
Eat the Whales
Clap Your Hands
Jai Un Valise...
Simple Life
Say Goodbye To Good Old Rock & Roll
Beat Me Up
The Big Lummage
Do The Math
Do The Funky Dial Tone (I just like the title on that one)

...and definitely some of the weird art-squonk/math rock stuff should go on there also, maybe SignalsY, Antigravity or Singularity. Or maybe you can put all the stuff on a separate CD as a different artist, like when Paul McCartney does his "Fireman" stuff.

Anyway, I assume thoughts on a 365 CD would be appreciated by Al from anyone else who happens to be reading this...

11:03 PM  
Blogger Allan said...

You are a dedicated friend, and your check is in the mail. Of course I've been mulling over a 365 CD track listing, and your track listing is eerily close to the one I had been considering. So screw it, I'll use yours. I will try to refrain from doing too much "fixing it in post", which would delay the compiling to probably about 2014. I echo your call for further comments, tho, if anyone is lurking out there...

Geez, I did all those songs? With the same half dozen chords? Who says rock and roll is dead...?

11:41 PM  
Blogger Scott said...

I forgot to mention:

If you use "The Big Lummage," you must record yourself narrating the story from the website entry over the top of it.

People will dig it, it's like "The Gift" by the Velvet Underground.

4:48 PM  

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