Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Signals Y

Signals Y


Hey, freaky keyboard playing, man. Good stuff. Where did you...what? Um, no, I'm not going to finish that, go ahead. No, really, it's OK. So, did you...uh, yeah, you can have that, too. Yeah, really. Uh...that one, too? Well...alright, but I...hey! Put that down! No, I WAS going to...ewww, that's disgusting. No, really that's alright, take it all. Yeah, all of it, really. I insist.

Al: Zoom!


Blogger Scott said...

The year is 1981. I have just begun my years of record collecting and discovering popular music. As I have done before with the UHF television band, I am now DXing the FM radio band, starting on the left side where all those freaky college stations reside in their mysterious sophistication and regency of really old college students, who could be as old as 22! Late one foggy Friday night, I tune in to WFUV from Fordham University, where they are spinning the hell out of all sorts of New Wave hardcore, including "Warm Leatherette" by the Normal, the first ever release on Mute Records. As I drift into my suburban slumber, a chilling post-disco keyboard groove fills my headphones, its urban promise pumping my imagination with vistas of rambling yellow taxicabs, steam-filled streets, loft parties and underground clubs in Soho where Lydia Lunch and James White and The Blacks pound out the heavy skronk for the coked-up crowds of hipsters. Then, like a phantom on the night-darkened sea, its unfulfilled temptations vanish as quickly as they arrived, and I drift into unconsciousness.

This is that song.

12:24 AM  
Anonymous Neil said...

This also would've been great main title music for an 80's cop show.

5:23 PM  
Blogger Allan said...

Whoa. Good shit, man. I think you guys should be running this blog...

10:51 PM  

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