Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Mayhem (Experimental/SQ Quad mix)

Mayhem (Experimental/SQ Quad mix)


Long ago in a galaxy far, far away (OK, it was New Jersey), two young men by the name of Sookman and Wall came up with a musical idea so original, so explosive, so staggering that years later I'd hang around hoping they'd let me sing on stuff.
That idea was Osmium, and I am told that Mayhem was one of their earliest songwriting endeavors. Eventually said Mayhem was slated to be recorded at Dr. Dave's studio, and metal greatness was born. Though I was not in the first tracking session, I heard that both Sook AND John took a stab at the lead vocal. Thinking that it sounded like fun and that I really liked the song, I asked if I could sing it as well. Magnanimously, I was allowed to put down a vocal track for an alternate version and there the matter stayed.
Until around 2000, when I started transferring as many of the original Osmium 16-track tapes to digital as I could. Unfortunately the tape with Mayhem on it had gotten "sticky" in the intervening years and I was only able to get a quick pass with wobbly EQ before we had to take the tape off the reel. Nonetheless, I did get it and started experimenting with mixing variations; I soon discovered that I could leave in multiple vocals and get kind of a "duet" between Sook and myself.
OK, I thought, let's really tart it up here. Sook carries most of the vocal chores here since, quite frankly, I think he nails the theatrics of the song. I added plenty o'effects (regulars know I rarely shy away from gooping things up) and some over-the-top guitar panning to maximize the encoded quad goodness. Maybe I can finesse a better mix with more work, but I think this one stands up.
Bottom line, it represents to me the best of the Osmium concept: it rocks AND it's funny. Go get 'em, guys!

Al: Vox
Sook: Vox
John: Guitar
Dave: The rest of it


Blogger Scott said...

Quite an improvement!

This seems a lot more finished. Me like.

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