Saturday, April 14, 2007




Al's Growly Grunge Guitar makes a comeback. Rrrr!
This one came about as I heard one of my other tunes drastically slowed down while I was using it as a test file for my EE homework. Thought it sounded really cool, so I tried to replicate the effect dice on lowering the pitch, but slowing the tempo gave me the basis for the final track here. (A shiny new penny to anyone who can pinpoint which other song I slowed down for the rhythm loop. Go ahead and check the other 243 entries thus far...I'll wait.) The lyrics describe the general feeling I have trying to get out of bed after several days of getting 5 hours of sleep per night.

Al: Grrrr

Also: I tried changing the time signature for Living in the Ozone a few years back and did an instrumental demo. Kinda fun, check it out.


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