Thursday, April 12, 2007

New Post

OK, I'm back. I could make up excuses for the fact that I was gone for a week or so: tests/homework at school, family life, church, etc., but while those are all valid quite frankly I just ran out of steam, in relation to this site and life in general.

A big "so who sees/hears this stuff anyway?" started hanging over my head and I got a bit discouraged. Yeah, I do have a few "regulars" here (kudos to all three of ya) so I'm lucky in that respect. In reality, I'm doing this for my own benefit/practice, and I have to keep that in mind...

I originally thought I would be "clever" and come up with a "Where's Al?" story to have fun with my absence, but screw it, let's just get moving again. Here's a few more:

Space Jam: I won't name the co-conspirators here unless they step forward and want me too. Noodling with reverb effects.
Eat The Whales (SQ Quad): Some new vocals here and a fuller mix.
Time (SQ Quad)
No Money For Fun (SQ Quad)

OK, more tomorrow, I would think.


Anonymous Neil said...

Don't stop, Al! I, for one, check this space every day for your newest offering. It is this daily Al nugget that gets me through those dark and lonely nights between your visits. Life can be brutal and there are some wounds that only songs like "Skateboard Freak" can heal.

Keep the dream alive space cowboy!

5:30 PM  
Blogger Scott said...

Well, you actually made it for about four or five months before your first prolonged as George Bush would say, I'm a "half glass full" kind of guy.

2:26 AM  
Blogger Allan said...

Well, thanks for the good words, gents. I'm done whining (for now); just had an off week, but your generous support fills me with nougat! I figure I made it about 240 files in, so another 120 or so will be workable. I shouldn't kvetch, and will be happy to provide further "Al nuggets" (Ewwwwww.....)

11:11 PM  

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