Saturday, March 03, 2007

Pictures of Power (Demo Version)

Pictures of Power (Demo version)


One of the earlier demos I did after the leap to home digital and one of the first I did the music for on guitar, this song was influenced by a number of the guitar-art-noise-post-grunge bands around from the mid-90's though the new millenium (think Tool/Failure/Replicants/Catherine Wheel/Pat Boone, etc...) I dug the idea of cold art-metal imbued with old school synths, so this and "Turn Off" is where we started to incorporate this on occasion.

For the final version (to be posted tomorrow), John came in and worked his magic on it...the one stanza we kept was the opening couplet "You've booby-trapped your skin again/Now the needles point out instead of in" Make of that what you will; best interpretation gets a free subscription to the Oswego Shopping News.


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