Monday, February 19, 2007

Grantham Heights

Grantham Heights


Cap'n Sam lovingly rolled his glass eye around in his mouth as he thought about what to best say next. The orb made a slight clicking sound as it made a circuit past the good captain's teeth, and finally he released it into his hand with a slight wet Pop! Grunting slightly, Sam then carefully pressed the eye under his eyepatch and into the waiting socket. Satisfied, he then cleared his throat and studied the young man before him.
Young Billy gazed up at the captain as if examining some strange new species of exotic bird. Still weak from a night belowdecks on the HMS Rotterdamnungfillip, Bill cast a jaundiced eye upon all of his surrounding, not least of all his brightly attired host. Wondering whether he should bring up the Treasure of Chao Yung Sang, he decided against saying anything at the moment, instead relying on a series of eyebrow movements to communicate his unease to the seemingly oblivious captain.
The captain thought this amusing, and stepped down to clap Billy on the back. "Ho! We have a feisty one today!" Turning to the first mate, he bellowed "Mr. Mohammed! Bring me the tar paper! We have a live one tonight! This'll be a shore leave, to remember, I wager!"
Bill said nothing but clenched his teeth in anticipation of the events to come. Just a few more hours, and there would be raspberry jam enough for an entire city flowing from the shattered hull. And for once, HE would be in control...


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