Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Al's Semi-Regular Quadraphonic Remix Extravaganza!!

Dissidentists (Jumpin' 'Round Guitar) SQ Remix
Dissidentists (Static Guitar) SQ Remix
Sacred Lullabies (Extra Moody Bluesian Vocal) SQ Remix


No, the title does not refer to a circus act. This, as you may remember, is where I get to put my feet up and fiddle around my with surround sound gear in the name of buying myself a few days. "But why, Al", you opine, "should we download the same tracks we downloaded in weeks past?"

"Ah ha! " I counter, "even if you play these back in simple stereo there are changes, nay IMPROVEMENTS, that I believe you will find of interest. In fact you can feel free to discard the previous versions if you so desire...why, you should smash the computer holding the old files. SMASH, I say! THAT is how confident I feel that you will find these tracks UTTERLY SUPERIOR to any previous versions. Ha ha! Ha ha! Glerk. Bring me my medication, my face is spasming..."

And so on. I may be overstating the case a trifle, but to make up for it I attach TWO versions of "Dissidentists". (What's the difference? One has more swirly guitar bits.) All tracks, natch, are encoded in SQ quad. Enjoy.

And on a different note: Well, it looks like we just passed the halfway mark for the year-long project here. Holy Crap! I might actually make it all the way through...

Al: Better the second time


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