Sunday, January 28, 2007

Instant Revolution!

Instant Revolution!


Living in Fadland (i.e. the USA) ultimately reinforces the lesson that personal change is a lifelong journey and relatively hard-won. Much as I'd like to experience profound epiphanies on a regular basis, most often the things that have changed me for the better have involved work and a dutiful uphill slog through incremental fixes. Anything dramatic usually turns out to be emotional water weight.

So here's a song cautioning against faddish thinking. With 3 keyboard solos.

Al: Revolving

EDIT: I've been asked by a woman we know if this song was directed at her. No, it wasn't. Look, lest anyone else get any ideas, this is predominantly SELF-criticism. The musical equivalent of post-it notes for the soul. I love the people in my life equally...with the exception of the bastard at the gym who stole my towel. You know who you are, scumbag.


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