Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Big Lummage

The Big Lummage


"I have 15 guns in my pants. Don't make me pull my trigger."

Ali squinted slightly and stared a long, hard stare across the room at Jean-Louis; he kept his gun high and aimed as his ex-partner's head. He had never known the Frenchman to bluff, but he was going to have to push his luck today. Too much was riding on it and he had little time. Time to butch up: "Shut it, bitch. You need to tell me where the fucking money is if you want to leave here with both kneecaps. You have 10 seconds to start talking before I relocate them to the other side of the fucking room."
Jean-Louis smiled slightly and squinted back. "You are bluffing, mon ami. I know you are out of ammo, and I can smell the steenk of your fear from over here. You are a desperate man, and zat makes you do stoopeed things. You do not want to be stoopeed, no?"
Ali squirmed slightly but kept his aim true. "And what makes you think I'm out of ammo, you French fuck?"
Jean-Louis was starting to enjoy this. "Your clip holds 48 bullets. There are 48 of Henderson's men on the floor. Eet is simple math. Now be a good boy and die, no?" Jean-Louis began reaching reaching for the largest bulge in his pants, where he kept the heavy artillery.
Ali smirked a bit himself. "Nice try, asshole. I killed two of them with one shot. Which means I only used 47 bullets. And do you what THAT means?"
The creeping horror on Jean-Louis' face indicated he knew. And that look was permanently fixed on his bullet number 48.

Al: Dodging bullets


Blogger Eric Nilsson said...

What the hell is that lead intro? When you started out your bit with "Ali", I thought this was an old boxing story...

5:54 PM  
Blogger Allan said...

Well, you've heard of mood music, right? Well, the intro in question was meant to be mood WRITING. But goofier.

9:13 PM  

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