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There's something about certain alternate guitar tunings that say to me "Police B-Side!" Noting that and the fact that I had the usual 3 hours to come up with a musical gem, I decided to take a whack at the oeuvre (French for "egg") of Sting, Stewie and the other guy. Perhaps closer to (as usual) early XTC than our heroes, please nonetheless enjoy a little 365 tale about a man, a plan, a canal: Panama! (Oh, wait, that's a palindrome...)

BTW, the first line is a tip of the hat to Randy Newman, who noted about America's "classic" "Horse With No Name" (I'm paraphrasing here): "When I heard the line 'The heat was hot' I knew it was going to be a hit".

Al: Sub-Jungian philosophical musings, heatstroke


Blogger Scott said...

I had a music teacher in high school who made a point of trashing ALL rock music on the basis of "Horse With No Name"'s utterly simplistic chord structure, bemoaning the fact that such dreck could sell millions of copies and nobody but nobody wanted to talk about LaMonte Young.

So, we've got two musicians who detest America, one on the basis of the lyrics and one on the basis of the music.

Plus that snotty girl at the record store who insulted Mr. Hewitt.

Funny, I just went through life ignoring America completely. I guess I was missing something there.

12:18 PM  
Blogger Scott said...

By the way, that sounds pretty damn professional. Good job.

I sense something else in there too, maybe a bit of The Stranglers? Don't worry, I think it's a bit they weren't using.

12:23 PM  
Blogger Allan said...

Hmmm..."Horse With No Name" has an utterly simplistic chord structure? Methinks a 365 cover is a possibility, then...

Thanks for the kudos. My Noo Wave influences grow more transparent as I get older and I get more crotchety. Case in point: damn it, you call Franz Ferdinand a jagged-edged post-punk band? Now your Elastica, THERE was a band that knew how to rip off the sound of 1978! Damn kids today...

9:32 PM  

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