Sunday, September 03, 2006

Theme From "The Soft Addiction"

Theme From the Soft Addiction

As I sat in the studio tinkering I adopted the persona of a young singer-songwriter who thinks himself to be a latter-day combination of John Lennon & Bob Dylan and who writes songs that, though he's not sure what they mean, exude INTENSITY and IMPORTANCE, man! This rushed out...

I do not consider myself to be this person. I consider myself to be a latter-day combination of Thorstein Veblen, Moms Mabley and Pliny the Elder. Or Weird Al.

Note: "The Soft Addiction" is the latest band name I am enamored with, and hope to use it on future projects. Were I in 10th grade, I'd carve it on a desktop using my pen. Come to think of it, I might yet.

Al: Guitar & Vox


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