Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Helen Wheels

Helen Wheels

We have this tradition of mangling Beatles covers for our own amusement on a periodic basis...this may the pinnacle (or trench, if you prefer) of the process to date.

OK, this is solo McCartney (okay, yeah, "Wings", whatever) as opposed to Beatles per se, but the general idea applies. In this case we went for a distinctly post-apocalyptic vibe. Strap yourselves in and enjoy the next nine minutes. No, really, nine.

Plus: It's in SQ, baby! Crank up the surround!

Sook: Vox, SFX
Al: Drums, keys, SFX


Blogger Scott said...

Only for the heartiest enthusiasts, but it does make great background mood music, or maybe a film score for a David Lynch short.

1:49 AM  

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