Friday, September 15, 2006

Nice Guys Don't Get Laid

Nice Guys Don't Get Laid


Ah, memories. This song dates from my early LA days, and has hung in there for quite a few years. Sook and I used to attend songwriter conferences and I submitted the original demo of this for judgement by B-level industry professionals (which was pretty cool, considering we weren't even D-level). Since it was a rinky-dink 4-track cassette demo recorded on a cheap keyboard, the reaction was mild at best. However, it got a big cheer when the title was announced...
This version was recorded some years later (about '95) and actually made it into an indie film, the name of which completely eludes me at the moment. This is a slightly less rinky-dink 4-track cassette version. Mike occasionally mentions that he's come up with a bluesy arrangement for it that we could spiff up nice over at Dave's studio. Now THAT I'm up for...

Al: Throbbing keyboards & whatnot


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