Sunday, September 10, 2006

¿Dónde Están Mis Pantalones?

¿Dónde Están Mis Pantalones?

The Big Daddy of Pop Machine Spanamerican novelty songs. This may well be a perfect distillation of the PopMo smart-assedness that we are not quite legendary for, and an ideal starting point for neophytes. Recorded at my birthday party some years back, the main Hewitt-Morgan-Sookman axis brought this idea to the table for a number of people to kick around and have fun with, and this resulted. Enjoy, and if you're Beck, please don't sue us.

Al: Vox, acoustic guitar, drum sounds
Sook: Vox, percussion
Scott: Vox, percussion
Steve: Bass, vox, percussion
Dave: Vox, percussion
Tom McAndrew: Sax, vox, percussion
Toni Morgan, Bill Spring, Neil Levin & assorted revelers: Vox, percussion


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