Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Whirling Blades of Death

Whirling Blades of Death

Truth-in-advertising department: yes, this song is indeed about whirling blades of death (my fave stanza: The tungsten blades set to puree/Voila! It's time for man patee). Why? Well, I was visiting LA and booked Dr. Dave at the last minute (in fact, this is my most recent session with the good doctor, from 2006) and called the other boyz to attend if they could. Obligingly, they showed up and we put together this sucker on the spot. Based on an old sketch from our comedy troupe...

BTW, enjoy our varispeeded voices in the bridge. I do an accent in this section...is it Irish? Is it German? Is it Mexican? Only my hairdresser knows for sure...

Al: Vox, Backing Vox
Sook: Backing Vox
Mike: Vox, Keys, Backing Vox
Dave: Drums, Keys, Backing Vox


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