Saturday, August 26, 2006

You're Worth More To Me Dead Than Alive

You're Worth More To Me Dead Than Alive

Back to the 90's again for one of our, tributes. Inspired by a true event: the sparkle in my wife's eyes when I inherited a life insurance policy my dad had taken out for me some years prior.

I'm kidding, honey, really! I know you love me and would never wish me harm, and I swear I'll stop joking about it. Now please let me back in. It's cold out here and I hear wolves approaching...

Al: Vox, keys
John: Guitar
Dave: Lead guitar, bass, drums
Jimmy Powers: Harmonica

Plug: Buy the Osmium "Still Livin' at Home" CD here! Contains this song and loads of other fine music. We now return you to our regular blog...


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