Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Louie Louie

Louie Louie


Continuing the covers, this one's good for a larf. I remember discussing the following back in the early 90's with the other Pop Machine guys whilst washing the dishes one balmy LA evening (my wife will dispute this, as she insists I NEVER washed the dishes back then).
Our mutual buddy Tommy G had jokingly observed that many Steely Dan songs started out in D minor; being the smartasses we are, this caused a mutual lightbulb to go on over our heads (this was actually the lightbulb in our front hall, which had been on the fritz). What was the most un-Steely Dan song we could think of to transpose into Becker-Fagenland? Why, the mighty "Louie Louie" of course. With the help of Dr. Dave and his magic sampler, we were on our way.
Mike, being the true musician that he is, considers this a bad joke and has voiced his displeasure on occasion. Naturally, we consider this a sign that we have succeeded in our misanthropic goals...

Al: Backup vox, keys
Sook: Lead vox
Scott: Lead vox
Dave: SFX, sampling


Blogger Scott said...

Still cracks me up. Love it.

6:42 PM  
Blogger Tom said...

I had a soft spot for this interpretation of the song. And it's true about all Steely Dan songs starting in Dm7 . - I had a best of sheet music book, and in the forward, the band actually admited that was how they got their signature style without really having to do much else other than jam.

9:28 PM  

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