Friday, January 19, 2007

Building Buildings

Building Buildings


Worthington stood on the balcony and slowly sipped at his daquiri, gazing out upon the city which he had helped build. Small flightless birds dropped from dirigibles plummeted onto the teeming masses below where they would be scooped up and prepared for the holiday feast later that week. Life was good, he nodded to himself as he turned away from the vista.
He almost didn't see Lady Effluvium glide from the shadows and wrap her arms around his neck. "Oh, Dickie," she moaned, pressing her lips to his waiting ear, "Let's go away for a while, just you and me. Let's do, Dickie, do!"
Worthington gently removed her arms and sighed. Piano music echoed down the hallway from the den. Leaves swirled around their feet. A lonely coyote howled in the distance. "I...can't, darling. You know I can't."
A frown creased Lady effluvium's brow. "You're going back to Alaska, aren't you? I should have can't fight...the sea." She turned away and massaged her shoulders for warmth. It was getting cold.
"I...I wanted to tell you, but..." his words trailed off as he gently plucked flightless bird feathers from her hair. Sometimes there was nothing a man could say...

Lonely is the life of the ichthyologist.

Cal & Al: Piano


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