Thursday, November 02, 2006

Summer's Day

Summer's Day


Hey, I know...since it's going to be about 12 degrees Fahrenheit here in Chicago tonight, how about I trot out something I put together in (and about) the oppressive August heat? Ah, I feel warmer already. Chicago weather: if you don't like it now, just wait 15 minutes...or until global warming catches up with us.

Al: Hot hot hot


Blogger Scott said...


You rhymed "mirage" and "entourage."

And they say Syd Barrett and Nick Drake are dead.

How about Kevin Ayres? Is he still around?

Well, if he isn't, there's a niche for this song. Yes, to paraphrase Mick Jagger, it's only folk and roll, but I do like it.

(Did I drop enough names in this post?)

8:24 PM  
Blogger Allan said...

Heh, heh, yes, deliberately over-literary. Or maybe it was just the heatstroke. In any event, I'll never shy away from a Drake/Barrett/Ayers comparison (Drake, Barrett & Ayers? Sounds like a law firm or teammates in a pro baseball franchise).

10:02 PM  
Blogger Eric Nilsson said...

Is it just me or did you make a reference to a sport? Never heard that out of you...

10:29 AM  

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