Monday, October 30, 2006

Sweet Sweet Runaway (Demo)

Sweet Sweet Runaway (Demo)

(D.Lux Cheeseburger)

Well, kids, instead of posting anything I did today, I wanna put something up that got leaked to me and I'm very excited about: an original demo from the Cheeseburgers! (You DO know about America's favorite rock group/cartoon show, dontcha?) Reported to be one of the tracks on the upcoming release "Desolation Boulevard II", this cut showcases why so many folks are raving about 'em and comparing them to 70's rock warriors The Sweet! Excelsior!

Anyway, here's another installment of "demo tonight, finished track tomorrow". Tomoorw's cut should be on the album, and tonight's is a 365 exclusive! Enjoy!

D.Lux Cheeseburger: The works


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