Wednesday, March 14, 2007

365 Jukebox

Howdy, campers. With the recent "Oop!" opus fulfilling some song-posting requirements for a few days, I thought I'd revisit some 365 high spots for your remembering pleasure, all of which were written & recorded specifically for this site. Gosh, do you remember when you first heard these classics? It's as if it were sometime in the last few months...

Numerosophy (Morgan)

With the Police riding high on the comeback trail, let's revisit this sonic/lyrical tribute/steal/swipe at them from last September. I'm fairly sure I stumbled onto one of their alternate guitar tunings here, so if I have to leave the country suddenly you know who's after me...

Can't Let You Go (SQ Quad mix) (Morgan)

An acoustic guitar, ethereal voices and surprisingly reflective subject matter illustrate why the on-the-fly ethos can work. Check it out.

Centrifugue (Morgan)
Technofugue (Morgan)

The original is the Nirvana rip and the followup is the strip-down-and-rebuild-electronica-style. (Remember electronica? No, she wasn't a member of the Avengers...) Of course, Nirvana never did this kind of thing themselves...leave it to third-stringers Bush to release an album of their own remixes. I like to think I make better music than gavin Rossdale (who doesn't?), yet Gwen Stefani still will not return my calls.


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