Thursday, January 04, 2007

Dinosaur Man

Dinosaur Man


Hey, let's go back to the Mindflux days, circa '88. Anything for a thrill, right?
Anyway, being on a 60's/early 70's nostalgia trip at the time, I was into a lot of the "heavy" groups of the period (Grand Funk Railroad, Iron Butterfly et al.) Also being a big Spinal Tap fan, I saw value in finding the biggest, dumbest progression I could and playing it up (arguably I still often work under this principle). Seeing as this was maybe the third song I was involved in writing and still definitely learning, big and dumb was not a problem. Luckily the other guys were willing to jump in and have fun with it, and here's the result.
The synth-drenched ELP-for-dummies "ominous" opening was recorded and tacked on later as a tribute to 70's prog. Who says we're not versatile?

Al: Vox, Keys, Drums
Sook: Vox
Andy: Lead Guitar
Scott: Guitar
Dave: Bass


Blogger ajmilner said...

After your 1989 Lost Horizon show I heard one patron heading for his car yell, "Woo-hoo! Dino-saur! Better than DONUTS!"

Speaking of Spinal Tap, one of my fondest hopes since childbirth was realized last month when I met and chatted with Mr. Harry Shearer at a book signing (at a shopping mall in the Philly suburb of -- get ready -- SPRINGFIELD. "Ex-cellent!" he told the crowd in his Mr. Burns voice). I got my copy of INSIDE SPINAL TAP signed by Derek Smalls himself.

6:30 PM  
Blogger Allan said...

FLUX!!!! That's a great memory...and I'm glad you remember it, as I think I collapsed under the weight of my own hair that night and blacked out.

TAP!!!! That's too cool, man. I've never had the opportunity to meet any of the Tapsters, let alone get something signed by one. The fact that Mr. Shearer is so integral to the Simpsons makes it doubly excellent. Maybe you should put that book behind glass, like at the Louvre...

10:44 PM  

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