Friday, December 08, 2006

Santa Santa

Santa Santa

(Bowie, new lyrics Sookman)

David Bowie takes it up the chimney as we give you a little glam to go with your tinsel. This may be the only time we've thus far captured Sook's "Drunk Belligerent British Guy" character on tape/disc (and, no, he's not modeled on any one particular British rock star that I know of. I'd almost guess Ozzy or one of the Stones, but his diction is too clear).

Sook: Vox, rythym guitar
Scott: Guitarpeggios, rythym guitar
Al: Drum loop, bass keyboard


Blogger Scott said...

Recorded in Al's Garage (literally, this was before the guest house studio was built) in 1997.

I believe Bad Cockney Accent Guy is partially based on a bit from Cheech and Chong's final comedy LP, "Get Out of My Room," from 1985, in which the immortal Richard "Cheech" Marin puts forth one of the least convincing impressions of a British rock star ever comitted to tape. I think there's a bit of generic Sex Pistols member (pun intended!) in there as well. Good times.

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