Monday, December 18, 2006

Christmas '96

Ska-nta Claus (Demo Version/Dub Mix) (Sookman-Morgan)
A Louie Zerr Christmas (Hewitt)
APB Santa(Hewitt-Morgan-Sookman)

And...we're back! We've got a bit of catching up to do since my internet access is back, so we'll double & triple up for a few days ( clumps!) That works out well for this passel of songs recorded at Scott Hewitt's place for the '96 Pop Machine Christmas release. First up is:

Ska-nta Claus: OK, it's been about 10 years now that we've kidding Mr. Sookman that his accent here sounds like Bela Lugosi, and I think he's pretty sick of it. Nonwithstanding that, his song instincts were true as always, and this one was later developed into one of our better offerings in Dave's studio. The demo here has it's own charm; the delay setting makes it sound more dub than ska, but I think it's a lotta fun.

Sook: Lead Vox, drums
Al: Keys, backing vox
Scott: Guitar, backing vox

A Louie Zerr Christmas: Scott Hewitt once saw a standup guy so pathetic that he had no punchlines...only complaints. (Hey, pal, the stage isn't a therapist's couch, no matter how successful Larry David may be.) A parody of him soon developed into a charater and made it into this song. Enjoy, and realize as some of us did that we all could be a lot worse off than we are...

Scott: Lead Vox, guitar, drums
Al: Keys

APB Santa: So who is this fat guy who practices breaking and entering every December 25? Here's a little audio verite from the viewpoint of our men in blue. In an interesting switch, I play guitar for the first time and Scott Hewitt is on Police Scanner.

Al: Police voice #1, guitar, bass keyb
Sook: Police voice #2
Scott: Police Scanner


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