Friday, August 19, 2005



Thanks for showing up. Okay, here's the plot: I'm a songwriter/musician who's going through some life changes (hey, who isn't?) and have come across what I think is a cool way to keep myself writing and at the same time hopefully share some of my brain dross with you, the unsuspecting public.

Starting now, I will be posting links to one song per day that I've had a hand in creating, be it in writing, singing, playing, programming or any/all of the above. Many of these will be new songs created specifically for this project that I've decided to pull out of my fevered brain and deliver to you, the discerning listener. I will keep this up for one year or until my wife dumps my sorry ass at the curb, whichever comes first.

Links to free MP3s will be updated on a daily basis. These will encompass toons from any of the outfits I've been involved with (see below), so there will be a variety of fun stuff. Should any hardy soul be interested in CDs of the brain droppings showcased on the site, know that they will be made available. I hope to have enough soon for the world's oddest boxed set.

So what kind of music do you expect from a guy with a tagline of "bizmopeen"? I like to run the gamut if possible; I've written everything from genre parodies (in the group Pop Machine) to punk/heavy metal (Osmium) to synth-laden garage techno stuff (under my own name; Allan Morgan). I'm a fairly accomplished dillettante, so just try a sampling of stuff to see what ya think. My music-making accomplices are also equally talented and bent, so I will give credit where it is due...

Right, then. On to the main event. A lot of these will have a "rough draft" feel (especially when I whip a tune up in 3 hours specifically for this site) , but, hey, if the White Stripes can do it and charm the pants off every "High Fidelity" geek on the planet (of which I am one), I can certainly give it a whirl...



And now, the first song. Click on the title line above to hear it or the title link immediately below to hear/download it. Huzzah:


OK, campers, we'll start with the only Pop Machine song that could do the trick. Demo'd in 1990 for our first cassette and finally recorded in Dave's studio in 1992, this quick little chunk of Tin Pan Alley says more about the mighty Scott Sookman than volumes of prose could. I'm not actually on this, but it's so appropriate that I knew it had to kick things off. Enjoy.

Sook: Vocals
Mike: Piano